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Pastors Won’t Be Muzzled On LGBT Issue, Says Patterson

President of The Bahamas Christian Council (BCC) Reverend Dr. Ranford Patterson yesterday accused Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell of trying to muzzle preachers who speak out against homosexuality.

His comments came as he defended Bahamas Faith Ministries International President Dr. Myles Munroe who recently called for Mr. Mitchell to be replaced because of statements he made suggesting that The Bahamas engage in discussions about the rights of those in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LBGT) community.

Mr. Mitchell has since dismissed the comments as “ignorant” noting that his remarks broke no new ground and are consistent with a position he adopted more than 30 years ago.

Dr. Patterson said Dr. Munroe’s views are in line with the Bible and represent the views of many in the country who oppose homosexuality.

“It will be a cold day in hell when preachers cannot preach the gospel in this country,” Dr. Patterson said. “I don’t know what Mr. Mitchell’s position is on this LGBT issue…I don’t know his position on that. But the point that I am making is, someone asked a question whether we are ready for a gay minister or Member of Parliament and the answer is still no.”

While he refused to weigh in as to whether Mr. Mitchell should be replaced, Reverend Patterson warned that neither he nor the Church will be silenced.

“The challenge I have is when we are going to try and muzzle preachers from speaking what we know is truth,” he added. “When you’re going to say someone is ignorant because of a stance that they take I have a problem with that.”

The BCC president dismissed suggestions that those in the LGBT community are prohibited from the rights enjoyed by heterosexuals and what benefit there is to having a discussion on the issue.

“I have no problem with people being treated based on their abilities but what’s the purpose of declaring that you are a homosexual and I must accept it – what’s the purpose of that…what do we gain by it,” Dr. Patterson asked. “I hear people always saying that these people want rights. What rights do they want? They can do anything I do in this country. The only thing they cannot do is get married – is that what they want?”

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