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Pastors Express Views On VAT Increase

A few of the country’s  Pastors of Churches  believe  that the increase in Value Added Tax (VAT)  will not affect the church negatively.

With the 60 per cent hike in  VAT  this past Sunday, some  Bahamians are still  uneasy with the government’s decision.

Many persons are also sharing the view that the increase was unnecessary and is too much for the country to handle at this time.

As for the church, Pastor of Golden Gates Assembly World Outreach Ministries, Bishop Ross Davis says his concerns are  for  the poor in the country.

He said, “as a Minister,  I do not look at  VAT  as being something that will hurt the church,  because God is on our side and there’s no one who can box with God. So if the church is God’s, it  can’t hurt the church.” 

Bishop Davis added that he feels as though the poor would be affected more than anyone else. He said of course, there are poor people in the church and  in  that regard,  he feels as though the church then would be effected.

Pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries, Dave Burrows said that he will see VAT affecting the public, but as for tithes in his  church, he does not anticipate a decline.

“I wouldn’t anticipate that. I think the increase in Value Added Tax is not welcomed  by anyone I know.  However it depends on whether or not it is absolutely necessary and whether it will achieve the results desired. When you look at the overall impact of  it,  then  you realize that  it’s  not a significant impact to the average person. I was just doing a calculation and if you spend $100 last week your VAT would have been $7.50, this week it would be $12”, Pastor Burrows said.

Christian Council President Bishop Delton Fernander recently gave a similar comments. 

He said, “the church is the people and not the building;  the people that are Christian and do tithing,  don’t see it as a tax.  They see it as their obligation to God. So those who tithe are not in the majority and they do it because of their conviction to God and so they will take their 10 per cent out and trust God to bless the rest.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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