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Parents Selling Off Children

A top police official recently admitted that some parents are allowing their children to run off with older men for financial gain.

Police have long expressed concern over the number of teen girls who go missing and are later found with older men.

Officials say they have found that some parents are encouraging these types of behaviours for the financial pay off.

Superintendent Stephen Dean said a lot of Bahamian parents who might be faced with tough financial situations use their children to make ends meet.

“Please do not encourage your children to be involved in relationships with elderly men or women because of financial gain,” he said. “Most times this is why some people are doing it. It’s because of what these people are offering them and sometimes the parents might not be in a position to offer these things.

“Sometimes we find that some parents are working in concert with their parents and we want to discourage that type of behaviour.”

He said parents should know where their kids are at all times and who they are with.

But, according to the officer sometimes the lines between parent and child gets blurred and taken out of context.

“Parents must set the example for their children,” he added. “Mothers should not be competing with their daughters and fathers should not be competing with their sons. We want to put the warning out, particularly to these men, they try to prey on these young girls and we want to say to the girls that this is not the route to go.”

“We know sometimes it might be difficult and the environments you are in are not always good, but be patient and get involved in wholesome activities.”

Supt. Dean said police will prosecute parents to the fullest if they find evidence that they are involved in these types of cases.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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