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Palacious: Blame Crime on Gov’t

With the issue of crime worsening in The Bahamas, Archdeacon James Palacious said the government is to blame for crime because Cabinet ministers are not doing what they are required to do to keep citizens as safe as possible.

Archdeacon Palacious added that the increase in violent acts particularly robbery and murders, are as a result of people who do not value the quality of life.

As a guest on Love97’s talk show Jones and Co. on Sunday, the popular clergyman said it is unfortunate that people in The Bahamas no longer feel safe carrying out their daily routines.

He believes that although the government in its numerous efforts is trying to fix the crime situation, there is still more that can be done.

“I’m not suggesting that the government is not doing a whole lot,” he said.

“I know that they are doing their best. I know that they are trying and I am a strong supporter of the effort s of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Ministry of National Security. I believe that the problem is over the years the level of criminal activity whether it’s a combination of unemployment, uneducated people, immigrants, drug traffickers or people who just don’t have a sense of entitlement, these are things that the police force has no control.”

Archdeacon Palacious said it is difficult for nearly everyone in The Bahamas to even attempt to start a business or progress as an entrepreneur because of not only lack of funds, but because of what he calls ‘a major national security issue’.

“What is the incentive for persons who want to operate a business now when you have to spend so much money on security,” he said.

“You need personal security and security for your business. The guy coming out of the barbershop, how much money could he have had? But people still trying to hold you up. Your air condition may not be working and you stop at a red light and someone can come and snatch your chain from your neck. That is real fear. These are things that detract from the quality of life.”

The archdeacon says one government is not to blame for the “messes” that the country is in.

He says both the Progressive Liberal Party and Free National Movement governments have failed as administrations to focus on social issues in the country that on average, lead to acts of crime.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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