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Outstanding Bahamians Receive Nations Honours


By: Keile Campbell

Great contributors and catalysts of The Bahamas were celebrated on Monday as
the country celebrated National Heroes Day.
At Government House, the National Honors Investiture took place where
Bahamians of previous generations – including posthumously, received various
honours commemorated with a plaque given by Governor-General Cynthia Pratt.
Chairman of the National Honors Advisory Committee Fred Mitchell spoke on the
importance of recognizing who he calls ‘nation builders’.
“National Heroes Day is a time of reflection; it’s a time to show where we’ve come
from and also to look toward the future so that all of those young people who are
coming behind us will look at your lives, sacrifice and hard work and say ‘I’d like
to do that. I want to be there one day too’. So again, doubly, we thank you for
setting the example for those who are coming after you,” The Progressive Liberal
Party Chairman said.
“And I say this, to all of those who wonder about our democracy that we started
this activism in and around 1989 and it took it from 1989 to the year 2016 for the
act to actually be passed, so things take a while to get done but you’ve got to
believe in it and you’ve got to keep working at it and that’s what all of the people
who are sitting here being honored today have done. They believed in it, they kept
at it, and they now are the successes that they are.”
Prime Minister Philip Davis delivered the keynote address and expressed pride in
being a Bahamian as the country celebrated Bahamian excellence with the highest
national honors.
Prime Minister Davis recalled the works and efforts of the nation’s forebearers
whether politicians such as Sir Milo Butler, and Sir Clement T. Maynard or
entertainers like George Symonette. He also called for Bahamians to revere the
nation’s heroes beyond the festivities of the day.
“Let’s also remind ourselves that recognizing and celebrating our heroes doesn’t
end here. We must continue to acknowledge and honour the legacies of those who
have made invaluable contributions to our nation.” The prime minister rallied.
“We must preserve the record of their accomplishments so that our children and
children’s children have access to the stories of greatness that will inspire them
when the time comes for them to make their own contributions.”

“This is where initiatives like the envisioned Heroes Park, alongside public
education efforts, play a crucial role. Our children must draw inspiration from
these stories, ensuring that the spirit of perseverance and national unity continues
to thrive.”
Bahamians of all generations past and present were shown appreciation in the form
of the bestowment of honors being one of the Order of National Hero, Order of
Nation, Order of the Bahamas, Order of Excellence, Order of Distinction, Order of
Merit and Order of Lignum Vitae.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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