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Oswell: Atlantis Was Never Against RCI Beach Club

Audrey Oswell - President and Managing Director - Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort


Executives at Atlantis Paradise Island said they were never against the Royal
Caribbean International (RCI) multimillion dollar Paradise Island Beach Club.
On Thursday morning, while speaking with reporters, Atlantis President and
Managing Director Audrey Oswell said they’re satisfied with the amended plans
for the $100 million Paradise Island Beach Club.
When asked what motivated the change in position regarding the project, Ms.
Oswell said despite what was reported, the resort was never against the beach club.
“Well, first, let me set the record straight,” Oswell said. “We did not change our
position. Atlantis was never against the Royal Caribbean project. All we did was
express environmental concerns to both RCI and to government.
“Once we expressed those environmental concerns, both Royal Caribbean and
government gave us the word that they would work to address and we’re pleased to
say that they have in their plans and presentation to Department of Environment
Planning and Protection (DEPP). We raised additional questions.”
Atlantis president did note however, that there were some areas of concerns that
needed to be addressed.
“We raised additional questions. We received the answers to those questions,”
Oswell said.
In an earlier statement Oswell made this year, she stated some grievances about the
original plans that called for work to be done along the coastline and the long-term
effects it may have. She said RCI did in fact took those concern in consideration
and since altered those plans.
“The original plans called for some work to take place over the ocean and in the
rock area, which alerted raised concerns for us about the North Shore and what
would happen down the road, and they took that into consideration and altered the
plans,” she explained.
“We’re pleased that they addressed them. We’re happy to see the project going

Written by Jones Bahamas

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