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Opposition speaks out about BPL’S hike

Outraged Opposition Leader, Philip Davis, reasoned that while a higher fuel cost is being blamed for BPL’s rate hike, the record shows that the company suffered several fires recently due to a lack of equipment maintenance.

He added  that if this rate hike is to pay for leased supplemental power generation plants and other connected expenses, then this is not a fuel cost issue, but one of mismanagement as was the case, he said, with BPL’s expensive voluntary separation package.

Mr. Davis  claimed that  it’s wrong then for tax payers and BPL customers to have to pay for the redundant missteps, errors and mismanagement and what he called a myopic government.

Further, he suggested if the government is not up to the task, the solution is to replace it with one capable of managing an energy sector and necessary attendant reforms, stressing that the PLP is willing and able.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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