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Opposition Leader Calls Baha Mar Solution “A Failure”

Free National Movement (FNM) leader Dr. Hubert Minnis Thursday afternoon referred to Prime Minister Perry Christie’s report concerning Baha Mar repetitive, overly optimistic, void of detail and a failure to meet Bahamian’s expectations.

 “The prime minister’s lack of transparency by hiding the details from the Bahamian people is not shocking because as the election draws nearer we all know that he and the rest of the PLP will do and say anything to get re- elected. In fact, the prime minister’s communication yesterday sounded a lot like their campaign plan in 2012,” Dr. Minnis said.

 He also claimed that Mr. Christie did not reveal any alleged promises he might have made to the Chinese government nor did he provide an accurate timeline and if there would be jobs provided immediately for Bahamians.

 “This government does not have a true plan to get Baha Mar opened. if they did they would be willing to be transparent with the people throughout the negotiations. What they are willing to give is more false hope and empty rhetoric,” he said.

 “Sadly this is what the Bahamian people have come to expect. The people deserve better than what they have been receiving for the past four years. This PLP government cannot, and will not change so we must change who controls the government.”

 Beyond lack of detail as it relates to Baha Mar Dr. Minnis added that the government has still been dishonest through their failure to provide mortgage relief and failure to improve National Health Insurance (NHI) over the past four years.

 “While patting themselves on the back for lowering the deficits they failed to take responsibility for adding more than $1.6 billion to the national debt in the past three years. Where is all the progress that they talk about? Where are all the plans for the projects that they are going to undertake? After four years of a PLP government all the people have is a series of empty rhetoric and broken promises,” Dr. Minnis said.





Written by Jones Bahamas

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