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Nottage “Disappointed” in US Advisories

National Security Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage said he is “rather disappointed” and concerned that both the United States Embassy and Carnival Cruise Lines are putting their citizens and passengers on high alert for criminal activity in The Bahamas.

Just days ago, officials at the US Embassy were the ones to make public the attempted armed robbery of an armoured truck at Wendy’s Cable Beach location nearly two weeks ago.

And more recently, Carnival Cruise Lines also posted an alert on a pamphlet for its passengers docking in Nassau.

But speaking to reporters Tuesday on the issue, Dr. Nottage told reporters that he was taken aback by these moves noting that the government, in his estimation, has responded appropriately to the crime dilemma.

“These advisories, or the one that came from the US Embassy, I was rather disappointed in,” he said. “Because we have done everything possible to reduce, if not completely eliminate, criminal acts against US tourists and others.

“You would have to admit that there have been very few of those in recent times. I’ve personally been disappointed in the US cruise lines and what they do because, in my opinion, they do not truly reflect the situation in New Providence which tourists normally frequent.”

Over the past several months the US Embassy has released a number of travel advisories for Americans visiting The Bahamas to be on high alert for criminal activity and as they always do, the warning has sparked widespread talk on what this all means for the country.

On Tuesday’s issues of the day talk show, callers seemed split on the issue as the question of whether or not the embassy was being fair in constantly warning their citizens of being in The Bahamas arose.

“Nevertheless, it’s a reality we have to face,” Dr. Nottage added. “I am satisfied that the police have in place the kind of arrangements which are necessary to continue to minimise crimes against tourists.”

According to Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) are in fact doing this work and noted that he is embarrassed that many Bahamians are accusing the RBPF of covering up or downplaying certain criminal acts.

He even suggested that someone has an agenda to make the force look bad.

“I don’t speak to the US Embassy, I speak to our people,” Commissioner Greenslade added. “You are going to have to repose some confidence in your own people. We are your sons and daughters and we live in a beautiful country.

“Please, I beg you, stop selling The Bahamas short. I have a difficulty with that and I’m not sure what that agenda is, because there must be an agenda and it’s not a good agenda. I have travelled the world and I can tell you that this police force can match up with the best of the world. We are decent people, we are hardworking, committed people, we turn up every day and we give you 110 per cent.”

The commissioner said he is satisfied with the level of transparency of the RBPF and prompted Bahamians to stop making “an issue out of a non-issue.”

He said the fact that some people are discussing the possibility of police officers not reporting crimes is a “terrible conversation to have.”

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