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“No Layoffs at Atlantis,” said Fields–Atlantis Unable to Hire Baha Mar Employees

Atlantis Senior Vice President Ed Fields said yesterday that there will be no layoffs at the Atlantis Resort.

Two weeks into Cuba reigniting ties with the United States, some Bahamians fear that The Bahamas’ number one industry will be threatened.

Fields dispelled any rumors that were brewing about employment reduction at the world renowned resort.

In November of 2008, Kerzner International conducted a massive downsizing exercise of 900 employees due to low occupancy levels brought on by a poor global economy.

Again last year September, the resort was contemplating the layoff 300 employees, but after negotiations, the jobs of those individuals were secured.

Fields assured that history will not repeat itself, as there will be no downsizing exercises planned for the mega resort.

The management’s goal is solely to provide its employees with the requisite skills and training required to run a globally competitive resort.

The senior vice president of the resort admonishes Bahamians to understand that they must adhere to global standards, in the hospitality industry.

“Whether Cuba opens up, or whether another hotel opens up in another destination, that’s going to happen” said Mr. Fields.

“We can’t control that. What we can control though is our delivering standards.”

When asked if Atlantis will be willing to recruit some of Baha Mar’s employees, Fields exclaimed that the world class resort is unable to recruit any additional human resources, mainly due to the enormous demand in maintenance of the resort.

“Our expenses continue to go up. We have electricity to pay. We have basic license fees to pay. Minimum wage has been increased. There’s national health insurance that’s on the rise. There’s a whole range of things that impact our expense level.”

Fields said Atlantis will continue to work with their existing employee base and continue to maintain world standards.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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