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NHI Rolls Out

The much anticipated National Health Insurance roll out occurred yesterday throughout the country.

As projected, the National Insurance Board has strategically set up registration outlets for individuals to receive NIB smart cards, which according to NIB operations consultant, Jayson Moxey, will automatically register persons for NHI.

Mr. Moxey said the outlets, which began operations at noon yesterday, are well equipped and prepared to take on the thousands of registrants expected to turn out.

“Because of the number of persons to be registered, we expect there to be about 207,000 persons to be registered, with about 165,000 here in New Providence, 25,000 in Grand Bahama, and the other 25,000 is spread throughout the family of islands.

“I want to point out to persons though, that we want to close our office at eight. So those persons in cue at 7:00 p.m., we will ensure that they are served. If there are no cue, then we will remain open until 8:00 p.m. But the intent really is to close at 8:00 p.m.,” said Mr. Moxey.
Agatha Mackey, a data entry clerk, told the Bahama Journal that they anticipate a smooth process over the next several weeks, as she claimed workers were well prepared.

“I’m responsible for accepting applications from registrants and entering the data into the computer system so that we ensure that we have all of the updated information concerning that registrant.

“I expect that because of the training that we received we will be able to assist the public speedily and effectively and make the process of registration a very enjoyable experience,” Ms. Mackey said.

The six registration outlets include, JL Centre on Blake Road, the Enoch Backford Centre on Carmichael Road, the VBM building on Nassau Street, the Cotton Tree Plaza, and at the Town Centre Mall.

Mobile units have also been established to accommodate large employers with over 100 employees.

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