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NHI Health Into Full Effect

NHI Health Insurance Into Effect

The National Health Insurance Act came into force on April 5th, 2017.

This enables the Minister responsible for NHI, Prime Minister Perry G. Christie to establish the NHI Authority (NHIA); onboard staff to run the Authority; as well as enable the execution of contracts with Primary Care Providers.

“The establishment of the NHIA highlights the continued commitment to the Bahamian people to make modern, affordable and accessible health care services a reality. Moreover, the legal establishment of the body that will usher in the provision of NHI Bahamas will move our country closer to achieving Universal Health Coverage,” said Dr. Delon Brennen, NHI Project Manager.

The NHIA will be extending job offers to Bahamians after completing a robust recruitment process, over the past few months.

Offers that are being prepared for an immediate start include, Customer Services Representatives, Finance Officers, Information Technology Staff, Facilities Management, Benefits Management, and Quality Management.


The Act being brought into force marks another significant milestone for the continued implementation of NHI Bahamas. We know the Bahamian people are eager to enroll, and we too are excited to launch Phase two of Enrolment this month. More details of when and how to enroll will come in short order.


To prepare for Enrolment, Bahamians should be NHI Ready and in a position to enroll by selecting their preferred doctor from the public or private sector. With over 60 physicians in the private sector having applied with NHI Bahamas, further augmented by Primary Care Providers in the public sector, across the country, doctors are looking forward to providing Primary Care services to Bahamians.

Phase two of NHI Bahamas – Enrolment of Beneficiaries – will begin this month, and once enrolment has progressed, Phase three – the Primary Care phase will begin, during which legal residents of The Bahamas will be able to receive Primary Care services at no cost at point of care, including the more than 200,000 Bahamians who do not currently have health insurance.

The NHI Secretariat continues to encourage Bahamians who have not already gotten their NIB Smart Card to do so to ensure enrolment goes smoothly.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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