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New PLP Stalwart Councilors Installed

Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Bradley Roberts called the newly installed stalwart councilors pillars of the government at this year’s installation service in Harbour Island on Saturday.

Mr. Roberts acknowledged that the task of the stalwart councilors in Harbour Island branch of the North Eleuthera constituency can be difficult, but he commended the councilors for completing their jobs exceptionally well.

“I offer congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the stalwart councilors of the Harbour Island branch of the North Eleuthera constituency for your years of tireless service and for consistently putting both party and country above self,” said Mr. Roberts.

“Given the highly political and tribally divisive nature of small island politics, being a front line soldier must be challenging and require much courage. So those who remain faithful and loyal to the cause are a special breed of men and women of valour who are worthy of our honour and praise. Again I say thank you for your many years of selfless service. I am delighted to salute this latest group of warriors being installed as stalwart councilors on our great political organization. I encourage you to continue the good fight, have faith, confidence and tenacity and may Almighty God continue to direct your path.”

Mr. Roberts highlighted the importance of the councilors. He called them the anchor of the Progressive Liberal Party and said the party would not be where it was today if not for them.

“It cannot be overstated that stalwart councilors are the bedrock and anchor of the Progressive Liberal Party,” he said.
“Stalwarts form the decision-making body that is responsible for ratifying the policies of the party outside of a national convention and they provide much cohesiveness and leadership within their individual constituencies all at the same time. This august body therefore plays a significant leadership role in both the national and local political life and development our country. It is the highest honour this iconic organization can confer on any of its members, so stalwart councilors are the caretakers and gatekeepers of the Progressive Liberal Party. They protect the party’s legacy and keep the party on course and true to its core principles.

“When in high office, stalwart councilors hold the feet of its leaders to the fire based on campaign promises and on matters of public policy as it relates to the policy’s alignment with the core values of the party. I am fully aware of the power supply challenges here on Briland and will invite Deputy Prime Minister Phillip Davis to address the issue.”

The PLP chairman said stalwarts routinely recruit new members by preaching the value systems of the PLP and pointing out on a daily bases how the policies of the PLP have not only created the modern Bahamas, but continue to positively impact the lives of literally thousands of Bahamian families to this very day.

“They do so without compensation, at great personal sacrifice and without being told to do so,” he said.

“They continue to shoulder on because they sincerely believe in this social movement that is the PLP and its ability to transform the lives of ordinary Bahamians. The title of stalwart councillor is evidence of your commitment to the ideals of the PLP and its cause of fighting for the poor, the weak, the voiceless, the displaced and the dispossessed because a country is only as strong as its weakest links.”

Before closing, Mr. Roberts commended Harbour Island for Briland being voted Best Island in the Caribbean by Travel and Leisure Magazine. An award that he says shows the impeccable hospitality and dedicated tourism workers on the island.
He again thanked them for their service on behalf of the Government of the Bahamas.

“On behalf of the office of the national chairman, my executive team and the Progressive Liberal Party, I again congratulate the new stalwarts of Harbour Island, of the North Eleuthera constituency,” Mr. Roberts said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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