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Grand Bahama is set to get an economic boost within the coming months.


Iram Lewis, Member of Parliament for Central Grand Bahama said they are developing seven theme parks to attract visitors to the islands.


While he said there is no specific dollar value as to how much this will cost, however he did say that they have secured a few corporate sponsors who pledged to the project.

“Some of the corporate partners in the industrial park like Buckeye Bahamas Hub and Bahama Rock have already pledged financial support and in the meantime we are structuring our authority where Bahamians will also be able to buy shares in the authority so that it will be operated as a cooperative,” Lewis said.

He added that they are currently negotiating to get the corporate sponsors to agree not only to the initial start-up cost, but also to maintenance fees where each year they will invest in the maintenance of the parks.


Lewis said investment opportunities are in place for Bahamians as well and they propose that this project will employ hundreds of Grand Bahamians.

“We’re now creating business opportunities where vendors will now be able to get their peddlers license to sell drinks, souvenirs and food items. Also there will be a signature logo shop that will be owned by the authority where we will sell the authority’s t-shirts, hats, sandals and other items like they do Disney World,” Lewis said.

As for the exact date that the parks will be fully functional, Lewis said that they are are looking at starting the first one early next year or sooner.


“Perhaps even before the end of this year we will start some land clearing, particularly at the Lighthouse point, The Mermaid Pond and possibly the Boiling Hole,” Lewis said.


He said they are serious about the project and think it’s going to be a ‘game changer’ in Grand Bahama.


Lewis says he expects this model to be repeated throughout the archipelago so that other family islands too can benefit from the idea.



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