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New Group Protest Gov’t Policies

A small group of Bahamians marched to Parliament  from the southern recreation  grounds yesterday  demanding answers from on several so-called hot-button issues. Among them the ongoing controversy surrounding the OBAN deal.

Organizer and Director of Operation Sovereign Bahamas, Adrian Francis said,  the organization  is not about politics, its about a people who deserve to eat from the plate where everyone else is eating. 

“We are concerned about the OBAN deal, very concerned about the OBAN deal. 

“A man sat next to the leader of our country and forged a document and the police didn’t go and get him,  but the prime minister sat next to him and called it ceremonial,”said Francis. 

Chanting  “Bahamians first, protect Exuma, ban OBAN and protect our jobs,” the group, armed with placards,   also decried  joblessness and urged  that the government push Immigration, agriculture and land reform.

Francis  said, “we realized that sports save lives and bill nations. We have a while paper on sports, natural resources and on immigration. We  have some major concerns on immigration. 

“We know and understand that in some schools the population of Haitians to Bahamians are way higher. People are saying from the department of immigration the ratio is 5 to 3.  Can you not be concerned about that?”

Bernadette Gardiner another protester said, “I’m doing this not only for myself, but for my children.  Now as a Bahamian,  I am a four generation Bahamian. I want my land that was left here for me. I want my piece,  no less than 10 acres.”  

Operation Sovereign Bahamas plans to launch an awareness campaign to educate the public on issues  regarding promises that are not being kept, as well as issues with current decisions being made by government.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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