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Names Shortlisted for NIB Chairmanship -Gov’t Tightlipped

A few names are being tossed around as possible replacements to take over the chairmanship at the National Insurance Board (NIB) after former Chairman Greg Moss was fired last week.

However, Prime Minister Perry Christie said he is not ready to reveal exactly who is on that shortlist and added that the recommendations would first have to be considered by his Cabinet.

“I am in a position to say who but I (won’t),” he said. “You always begin with a number of people and then you come down to a final recommendation.

“But when you speak to your colleagues you would give them the list of the names you are considering and then as prime minister you would give them the recommendation you would like to make.”

Mr. Moss was fired last week after refusing to resign the post as ordered by the prime minister.

He had been tangled in a web of controversy for weeks as claims arose that he abused funds on a government issued credit card.

Mr. Moss aired his concern and displeasure with how the government did not properly defend him on his Facebook page, leaving the nation’s chief with no choice but to terminate him as NIBchairman and now the hunt is on for his replacement.

“They will discuss it back and forth for whatever period is justified and then we would come up with a decision. I would like to this that be recommendation would be accepted,” he added.

Mr. Moss is also the government’s Member of Parliament for Marco City and as with fallouts of this nature it is not too farfetched to think that Mr. Moss might want out of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) entirely.

But the prime minister said he concerned about this being the case.

“I don’t think so,”Prime Minister Christie. “You’ve seen in the past people do things like that but I continue to believe that all the things he said about his support for the PLP and the leadership of the PLP and I have every confidence that that would take place.”

As for their relationship going forward, Prime Minister Christie added that he is hopeful that would remain intact.

“I think you would have seen that public announcement that I saw where Mr. Moss indicated that he is continually supportive of my leadership,” he said. “I saw Mr. Moss briefly over the in the presence of the chairman of the party.

“I walked into a restaurant and they didn’t expect me and I certainly didn’t expect them. Mr. Moss I and I took a picture together and I think I was smiling.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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