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Murder Trial Verdict Expected Today

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The murder trial involving alleged killer Stephen ‘Die’ Stubbs is nearing the finish line.

After over six weeks of trial, attorneys representing Stubbs and his co-accused Clinton Evans and Andrew Davis presented their closing arguments to a 12-woman jury yesterday.

The trio is on its third round of trial for the 1999 murder of police constable Jimmy Ambrose, who was shot outside the former Club Rock on West Bay Street.

First to make his closing statement was Murrio Ducille, who represents Stubbs.

Mr. Ducille tried to convince the jury that there is no physical evidence linking his client to the murder.
He reminded them of an eye witness, who also happens to be an officer, who says he saw Stubbs dispose a gun under a car, jump into a white mustang and escape heading west.

Mr. Ducille said the jury should find it interesting that the officer never once tried to catch Stubbs nor did he even radio other officers to pursue him.

Additionally, Mr. Ducille reminded the jury that the fingerprints found on the gun when it was retrieved by the same officer were not those of his client.

But perhaps what came as most significant during the closing statements was the claim that one of the crown’s witnesses was accused of lying for police who just want to get rid of the three men for good.

Both attorneys Ian Cargill and Ramona Farquharson-Seymour told the court that it should beware of the lies told by a John Campbell during his testimony as his story changed several times and interestingly enough, two major charges of his were nolleprosequr shortly after he testified in 2007.

Mrs. Farquharson-Seymour, who represents Evans, suggested the witness was paid off by officers.

The attorneys remain firm that there is absolutely no physical evidence including DNA to tie any of the accused men to the murder; only a ring of police officers conspiring against their clients.

The trial is expected to wrap up before Justice Roy Jones today.

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