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MPs told:“Resign or Be Resigned”

Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest admitted yesterday that the government was very disappointed with the decision of four  Free National Movement  members  of Parliament to vote against the increase of Value Added Tax on Monday.

Mr. Turnquest also said that he accepts the fact that this is what democracy is all about and that he respects an individual’s right to make any decision necessary for the good of constituents.

He said, “each of us come with different viewpoints and looking from different places in terms of our understanding of what is being contemplated and what the objectives are.

“Again, we can only share the information and how persons process that and how they make their decisions is really up to them”

When asked if MPs  Reece Chipman, Vaughn Miller, Frederick Mcalpine, and Travis Robinson should all resign, the Deputy Prime Minister bluntly said that that is above  his pay grade and such a decision should be left to the Prime Minister.

Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands, however, reasoned that it’s a simple matter of “resign or be resigned”.

He said, “I think the member for Centreville expressed himself quite well when he said that there is democracy. Democracy has to be able to live and breathe, but in life, there are no rewards or punishments only consequences.”

He added, “so as a part of government, I believe that any member of government who defies a position taken by government should expect to experience the consequences of those actions.”

Agriculture Minister Renward Wells also agreed with these sentiments.

He said, “If a minister or parliamentary secretary decides was to disagree with the position of government and it was such of a state where you decide to vote against the government, traditionally, you don’t even take your seat. You simply just walk around to the back bench and sit down. That’s the way it happens, but in this regard, I guess they’ve left their fate up to the prime minister,” said Mr. Wells.


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