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MPs’ Licence Plates Stolen

National Security Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage said he plans to speak with Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade about beefing-up security around parliament after the licence plates of two sitting Members of Parliament were stolen during Wednesday’s House session.

Free National Movement (FNM) MP for Central Grand Bahama Neko Grant reported that on Wednesday while his vehicle was parked just outside the House, through Parliament Street, one of its licence plates were removed.

“This concerns me greatly because you know when licence plates are stolen what follows,” he said. “It is troubling that while I am in here attending to the business of the people, my vehicle is parked just a few feet away from the House of Assembly and the licence plate was stolen.”

South Andros MP Picewell Forbes also had his licence plate stolen.

“Sadly, I too would like to report the same,” he added. “My car was parked just below the windows of this honourable place; after leaving the House yesterday I arrived at the barber and I realised my plate was taken.”

“But now that I hear members reflecting the same I realise it was taken from here. This is need for cause and concern.”

National Security Minister Dr. Nottage assured that they will deal with this as a matter of urgency.

“Might I suggest that we take steps to have the area properly supervised by police,” he said. “I will speak to the commissioner of police to see what steps [to take] because this is really ridiculous that something like this would happen.”

“It is inexcusable and we will deal with it.”

Members of Parliament normally park their vehicles along the stretch of parliament just feet away from the entrance to the House of Assembly.

Police officials are often seen patrolling the area on foot around the perimeter of the building until House sessions are adjourned.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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