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Morton Salt Workers Call for Gov’t Intervention

The Bahamas Industrial Manufacturers and Allied Workers Union (BIMAWU) is calling on the government intervene and on Tuesday urged the management of Morton Salt Company to negotiate the signing of an industrial agreement that has been outstanding for five years.

According to the president of the BIMAWU Jennifer Brown, workers are disrespected and continue to suffer as a result of this outstanding agreement.

She added that their union is prepared to team up with its umbrella organisation to take part in the looming nationwide strike.

“The Department of Labour has not been able to cause an agreement to be negotiated between Morton and the BIMAWU. Both labour and the Industrial Tribunal seem incapable of bringing this matter to closure,” she said.

“As the executive council and as an affiliate of the TUC we join hands with TUC and NCTU along with workers of the country in sitting out for three days with a view of causing the parties concerned to bring resolution for these matters that have been outstanding for over five years.”

According to Ms. Brown there are a number of issues that are awaiting negotiations.

“The variation of a work week, that’s number one, then it’s no double time pay when you work on your days off, those are the issues that are outstanding, everything that’s happening now, there is no consultation with the union, they do what they have to do and then they advise you afterwards, sometimes they don’t even advise you,” she said.

“Right now employees are in a low mood right now, they don’t know what’s going on, what is happening and we have an issue with the tribunal and if this is the law, why do we have to go to go the Industrial Tribunal for them to do what the law says so that is a major issue we have right now and with the contract the employees want their wage increase. We have been negotiating from last year, we had an issue came up, the company refused to continue negotiations until the results of whatever the tribunal says, it’s not fair to the workers.”

The trade union congress expressed their support for BIMAWU.

Representatives from The Bahamas Education Managers Union, Bahamas Nurses Union, Bahamas Hotel Maintenance and Allied Workers Union among others were present during the press conference.

A total of 87 employees of the Morton Salt Company are members of the BIMAWU.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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