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More Cell Phone Disruptions Ahead

Mobile phone users will continue to experience interruptions in their services for at least another month as BTC continues work towards improving its overall infrastructure network, according to Brand and Communications Vice President Marlon Johnson.

Last week, BTC received a number of complaints from customers complaining of dropped calls, interruptions with text messaging and their inability to use the Star 44 function.

Mr. Johnson said the problem occurred as the company was making upgrades to its GSM network.

“What we’re seeing now is the fact that our legacy equipment and core infrastructure are at a point where we expected them to be because we do have to make some significant changes,” Mr. Johnson said.

BTC has begun extensive work to upgrade its network and Mr. Johnson said while customers will be inconvenienced over the next few weeks, in the long-run they will be happy with the end result.

“The good news is that starting in June we’re going to look at changing the text platform and the pre-paid billing platform and then we’ll continue to change from that –we will change our 2G network to coincide with our 4G network.

“While customers between now and throughout the month of June will continue to see some turbulence in their experience, the ambition is that by the time we get to July and the end of the summer months they should see a much improved experience in as far as text delivery, call quality, accessing the star 44 functionality and they will have a brand new mobile experience by the time we get to the end of summer.”

Mr. Johnson also suggested that BTC may be offering customers some form of reimbursement for the disruptions they will face in starting in June.

“What we intend to do in the month of June is to see what we can do via promotion to try to give consideration to the fact that customers will have a continued bumpy ride but we cannot get into the particulars of that because it has to be approved by the regulators. But we want to do some things that can at least share the pain that customers are feeling,” he said.

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