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Moncur: No Vote Is The Best Bet For The Bahamas

Social activist Rodney Moncur yesterday urged Bahamians to vote no on each of the four proposed amendments in the upcoming referendum as he announced the launch of the “Save Da Women Dem” campaign which he says was created to protect the rights of Bahamian women.


“Our position is simply this Bahamian people should mark no to question 1, no to question 2, no to question 3 and hell no to question 4,I am not going to be caught up in their nasty arguments over whether or not gay marriages will come “ said Moncur


Mr. Moncur added that the organization is geared towards leading the women during this period and says that he is offended at the thought of women not having equal rights in the Bahamas when he has seen a host of powerful women accomplish feats that men have not.


“In this organization woman cannot be officers, the woman are members and the men are the officers we are going to lead the woman across these four perilous questions and so essentially that is what we are doing I find it offensive that they are alleging that women are being discriminated against. When I examined the history of women in the country, women are large and in charge we have a noble woman in the person of Dame Joan Sawyer who not only has been chief justice of the Bahamas but she has been the 1st woman president of the court of appeal and a member of the privy council and there has been no man that has held this position”,

Mr. Moncur said.


Mr. Moncur went on to say that the fact the government only funds one side of the debate shows that they are untrustworthy and are borderline criminals.


“Well the government is really dishonest, if you are sincere about a democracy whatever state resources that are available to one side ought to be available for all sides, however “Save Da Women Dem” organization has been raising our funding independent of the state”, said Mr Moncur.


The official launch of the campaign is set for Thursday at 7:00pm at the headquarters located on Jerome Avenue.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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