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Mitchell says Religious Vote No Promoters Deceiving

Fox Hill Member of Parliament Fred Mitchell amidst controversy yesterday urged his constituents to vote yes and attacked religious leaders pushing persons to vote no referring to their campaign as a deceptive one.

The Immigration and Foreign Affairs minister said there is no way the church would go against women as they make up the majority of the churches’ success.

 Mr. Mitchell asserted that women make a huge impact in various areas and should want to have the same rights as men.

 “The Government is proposing with the agreement of the Opposition to make men and women equal before the law. If this passes, whatever men have in the constitution today, women will have and vice versa. That is all it is,” he said.

 He furthermore stated that President of the Christian Council Ranford Patterson is doing nothing more than instilling unnecessary fear into Bahamians.

 “I said to my colleagues this morning in Fox Hill, when he goes to the pre clearance and I’m sure he travels to the United States all the time, and they present that form and it says tell them what your sex is, his he frightened when filling out the form? it only means if you’re male and female.” Mr. Mitchell said.

 The Fox Hill MP pleaded with his constituents to not be fooled by people who do not want men and women to have equal rights and are making up false stories to frighten them into voting against their own interest.

 Mitchell says if the vote fails it will not be the government that loses but future generations of Bahamians.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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