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MITCHELL: “GOVT Victimizing Bahamians”


Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Senator Fred Mitchell yesterday expressed concerns regarding the level of trust surrounding government contracts. 

He said the current administration has been cancelling contracts, refusing to pay, and forcing affected parties to duke it out in court. 

“The occasional workers, who came on the Empowerment Program, all of them have been dismissed with the grand promise that because the contract weren’t supposedly done well on the records,” he said. 

“The FNM is one of the most amazing administrations. Whenever they come to power, you can’t find any paperwork and no one can remember anything. This is the most astounding thing. This is amnesia all around, and it’s a selective amnesia,” he added.

Mr. Mitchell further explained that the Minister of Labour would have announced that 99 per cent of the people dismissed under this program will be back. 

However, he said, that never happened. 

The former PLP Cabinet Minister also said  he thinks that the government has been “unapologetically victimizing Bahamians left, right, and center.”

He added that the “people’s time” simply translates to the FNM supporters’ time.

When asked what are the views of the average man on the street in this regard, Mr. Mitchell indicated that there is deep disappointment. 

He added that once getting into office, the public quickly realized that this administration was solely interested in getting their hands on the Public Treasury. 

He said, “the most obvious example of it is this boldface giving of a contract to Brent Symonette. I mean, it’s just astounding, which is going to cost millions of dollars in penalties because they cancelled the Scott Godet’s contract, a solemn contract with the government. They cancelled it, and gave it to a Minister of the government, who says, “no worries. I stepped out of the room when they passed it. This is ludicrous.”

Mr. Mitchell was a host on Love 97’s Jones and Company talk show. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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