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Mitchell Denies Protesting Munroe’s House Visit

Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell said the fact that he walked out of the House of Assembly when Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI) President Dr. Myles Munroe showed up did not signal a continuation of their weeks’ long argument, nor was it in any way a protest of the respected religious leader’s presence.

Minister Mitchell said anything thinking that was the case is “dead wrong” and said he had more important matters to deal with.

“I don’t have time to waste on foolishness,” Mr. Mitchell said. “There’s an immigration officer who died, the funeral was at 11 o’clock; I left here in time to attend the funeral where I was speaking.

“He could bring himself and 10,000 people it doesn’t matter to me because I’m an army of one and I’ll take them all on. Run? Me? I don’t run from nothing. The last thing I was scared of was when my mother died, after that, I’m not afraid of anything.”

Even though they both were present in the House of Assembly on Thursday and still did not meet face-to-face to hash out their weeks’ long public spat.

Despite both sides publicly stating that they had no problems in engaging in a one-on-one neither Dr. Munroe nor Minister Mitchell took advantage of the opportunity to do so.

Tempers flared several weeks ago when Dr. Munroe called for Minister Mitchell to be kicked out of office for publicly throwing his support behind the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Community.

Minister Mitchell then lashed back accusing Dr. Munroe of levying personal attacks.

“I have never attacked anyone in public,” Dr. Munroe told reporters on Thursday. “I expressed my concerns, I gave my opinions and suggestions and my perspective on things that are going on.

“The minister of foreign affairs and I are from the same schools, we’re friends. All Bahamians are my brothers and sisters. Your title or your position doesn’t make you better than me or smarter than me or more intelligent than me. I have a right to speak on issues, as we all do, if it is an issue of concern, that’s not an attack. If someone expresses an opinion and you call it an attack then perhaps that is your perspective.”

Dr. Munroe said the mere fact that he was present in the House of Assembly was sheer coincidence, as for weeks, he had been planning to present his new book “The Power of Character in Leadership” to parliamentarians.

“This was my first official visit to the House,” he said. “The timing really has nothing to do with it. I was invited by the speaker to come at this time. He indicated to me that today was a significant day in the budget debate and that presentations were going to be made by the prime minister and the minister of national security and so there was more of a guarantee that most or all of the parliamentarians would be present.”

Although refusing to comment on the tit for tat between the two and why Dr. Munroe was invited to parliament, for at least 20 minutes before house proceedings House Speaker Kendal Major praised Dr. Munroe for his recent accomplishment and also referred to him as his mentor and pastor.

“I don’t know what they were trying to do,” Minister Mitchell added. “I guess say he’s a good guy. Good for him.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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