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Minnis Renews Call For Wells’ Resignation

The Opposition is not letting the government get away with its promise to address the Letter of Intent (LOI) scandal as Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis told the Bahama Journal his party is not prepared to allow the government to bury the issue.

Dr. Minnis stressed that the prime minister promised to have Parliamentary Secretary Renward Wells address the nation on that unauthorized LOI signing in the House of Assembly’s next sitting; however, Mr. Wells did not address the issue yesterday.

“He (prime minister) made a decision in July, a simple decision for Wells to resign , we are now in October going into November and that has not been done yet, essentially three months, that is a simple decision, what would happen if he has a serious decision,” he asked.

“When you are in government and your governing a country there are many difficult decisions to make, what it means if it takes in excess of three months to make as simple decision, difficult decisions you would not be able to make during your five year term therefore that means that The Bahamas is in serious trouble.”

Dr. Minnis added that if the prime minster does not address the matter it would only reinforce the view that he is not the captain of his ship.

“The prime minister is the leader of the country, he is the one who should address the nation not delegate his responsibility to someone else nor should he asked a junior minister to speak up to defend both he and himself against the remarks that Dr. Andre Rollins had made, that is unheard of, the prime minister would speak up, he speaks on many things why don’t he speak on this.”

The prime minister had reportedly promised to have Mr. Wells address the matter during a council meeting held last month.
Last month, Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins had threatened to reveal those political leaders tied to the LOI if his party mate, Mr. Wells was fired over the issue.

Dr. Rollins had also urged the prime minister to resolve the matter, he stressed that allowing the issue to linger would only fuel the public perception that the PLP is corrupt.

The LOI had gripped headlines for months since it was revealed that the LOI signed with Stellar Waste to Energy Company Limited had not been authorized.

The company seeks to build waste to energy facility at the dump site.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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