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“The Free National Movement has no plan for our Bahama land”, were the words Bradley Roberts spoke during his address officially opening of the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) 53rd National General Convention at Melia Nassau Beach Hotel, yesterday.

Mr. Roberts, the PLP outgoing chairman focused on the fact that crime has seemingly increased under the current administration, saying, “Crime and unemployment has increased and the consensus is, the FNM has no plan for our Bahama land.”

He then accuses Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis of being in denial, as to the disappointments that plague the Bahamas.

“Dr. Minnis remains in denial as he continues to tell Bahamians that there is a sense of calm over the country, while eight month old babies and teenagers are being murdered on our streets and in the safety of their homes.

“Clearly this calm was the calm before the fury Category five hurricanes FNM hit the Bahamas.” Mr. Roberts shared with the audience.

It has been five months since the FNM assumed office and Mr. Roberts indicated that although five months ago the PLP faced a devastating defeat by the Free National Movement (FNM) at the May 10th polls, where the Bahamian people spoke loud and clear, he reassured persons that “this is not unchartered political waters”.

He told PLP delegates that just as this most recent loss was heartbroken for many, the former administration has found ways to overcome such defeats in the past and is confident they will succeed again in the next general election; he said,

“We made this journey between 1992, 1997 and 2002 with glorious electoral results, so be not dismayed. We will bounce back once again.”

For only the third time in the party’s 64 year history has there been a change of leadership. As the PLP undergoes a leadership transition,   Mr. Roberts says “this tells me that the Progressive Liberal Party delegates take the awesome task and responsibility of choosing their leader very seriously.

“We understand that our election positions have implications, not only for the future of our party, but the policy direction of our country, “ he said.

The 53rd National General Convention’s theme is ‘A new perspective is timely and appropriate’ and Mr. Roberts believes that the exchange of ideas and policy proposals would reflect the national day mood of the Bahamian people.

Additionally, Mr. Roberts also implored persons to be tolerant of opposing views during this general election. He said, “As you campaign for and debate the merits of the various candidates of your choice, I beseech you, not once, not twice, but one hundred times to do so in a spirit of mutual respect.

“Please be tolerant of opposing views and voices of descent and these expressions are part and parcel of the democratic process and fully protected by the party’s constitution,” said Mr. Roberts.

He then disclosed that amendments have been made to the PLP’s constitution, based on the report of the standing constitutional committee dated 16th of October.

The report to Mr. Roberts (the former PLP chairman) says, “The party will be guided by the new leadership going forward on our proposed major review of our party’s constitution.”

He said, “when we emerge from this convention, I’m confident we will be stronger and more united as a body politic and to return the great Progressive Liberal Party to the governance of this country as we fight for the soul of this great commonwealth.”





Written by Jones Bahamas

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