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Minnis Hints at a Coalition with DNA

Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis has suggested that there may be a possibility of a coalition between the Free National Movement (FNM) and the Democratic National Alliance (DNA).


However, Dr. Minnis noted that the arrogance of DNA Leader Branville McCartney does not sit well with him as the ultimate goal should be to remove the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).


“The FNM will do what is necessary to win to ensure the removal of the PLP,” he said.


“These are matters that have to be discussed and those are matters that will be discussed. But as far as definitive conclusion at this particular time I can’t say anything.


“I think the key at this particular thing at this point and time is to get the PLP out. They are a disaster for this country. They have made many promises and cannot deliver on them.


“The people are suffering they cannot pay their bills, they cannot buy grocery, they cannot pay school fees. They’re losing their jobs, jobs are being sent abroad, so it is quite evident that the PLP is a failure.”


On Monday, Mr. McCartney confirmed to media sources that he had been approached by members of Parliament for the FNM about joining the party.


Mr. McCartney added though that he has no wishes to join a party that is “sinking” he proposed an alliance of the two parties instead as he said he does not plan to leave the DNA unless the party disperses.


The DNA leader also went on to criticize the opposition leader by declaring that he is “full of himself and bad at politics”.


He also added that at this point, the DNA is stronger than the FNM.


“I was disappointed in McCartney, with his bombastic attitude when individuals are trying to reach out to remove the PLP.”


Mr. McCartney during his bashing of the FNM noted that in the last four years they have lost five senators.


Last week Friday, former Senator Lanisha Rolle reigned after citing personal matters that were preventing her from performing to her full capacity.


In the past few weeks however, members of the party were calling for her removal after the party received backlash from the senator who claimed members of the FNM were jealous of Dr. Minnis.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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