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Minnis Given Ultimatum

There appears to be more treachery occurring in the Free National Movement (FNM) again putting the leadership of Dr. Hubert Minnis in jeopardy, the Journal understands.

There is reportedly an attempt underway by a number of FNM MPs to have Dr. Minnis replaced as Leader of the Opposition.

The MPs have reportedly given Dr. Minnis an ultimatum demanding he either calls for a party convention to take place within the next 30-days or they will move ahead with seeking to remove him as Opposition Leader.

These MPs plan to take a no confidence vote if Dr. Minnis fails to act on holding the convention.

A Journal source with close knowledge of the situation said that at least six FNM MPs are supporting this move including Long Island MP Loretta Butler-Turner, St. Anne’s MP Hubert Chipman, Central Grand Bahama MP Neko Grant, Montagu MP Richard Lightbourn, North Eleuthera MP Theo Neilly and Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins.

Dr. Minnis reportedly still has the support of Deputy Leader and MP for East Grand Bahama Peter Turnquest, South Abaco MP Edison Key and Bamboo Town MP Renward Wells

However, the source also revealed that this group of anti-Minnis MPs faces its own hurdle since they cannot come to an agreement on who among them should replace him as Opposition Leader.

Dr. Rollins who only recently joined ranks with the FNM has now reportedly lost confidence in Dr. Minnis but he opposes Ms. Butler-Turner becoming leader and as such has been trying to get fellow FNM newcomer Mr. Wells to support him.

A reluctant Mr. Wells though has refused to budge and has reportedly told Dr. Rollins that it is too soon to turn on Dr. Minnis.

Dr. Minnis continues to enjoy overwhelming support from within the party and these MPs who oppose his leadership should face disciplinary action, the source said.

While the source said that he still believes Dr. Minnis will withstand this latest attempt at a coup, he urged him to act expeditiously in seeking to have these MPs expelled and new people nominated to run in their respective seats.

“They have had it for him from he won the post of leadership decisively at the November 2014 convention,” the source said. “Dr. Minnis has been treated unfairly and these MPs along with some other behind-the-scenes must respect the democratic process.”

Dr. Minnis who became Opposition Leader after the FNM lost the 2012 General Election has faced an uphill battle since attaining the leadership mantle.

He has often been criticised for being an ineffective leader and his performance as an orator is viewed as sub-par.

Despite his challenges, the source said Dr. Minnis remains confident that he will retain his post as Opposition Leader and he has reportedly said that he welcomes these MPs attempting to have him removed.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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