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Minnis: Country Exposed to Disasters

Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis on Friday bashed the Christie administration for what he called exposing the country to disaster through irresponsibility.


The leader was referring to the government’s decision to cancel National Insurance coverage post Hurricane Joaquin.


Dr. Minnis charged that this now forces the government to borrow $150 million to aid in recovery efforts.


Previously in Parliament, State Minister for Finance Michael Halkitis explained that the country would have to undergo a category five storm to access such insurance.


However, Dr. Minnis rejected the minister’s explanation.


“What they said is that we need a category five hurricane to activate the insurance; therefore that’s the reason they withdrew. I don’t believe that. It was not triggered during Joaquin to my understanding, because the hurricane did not hit what we call the nerve centre, being New Providence and Grand Bahama,” Dr. Minnis said.


“The nerve centre was hit this time – destroyed. That would’ve been a factor to activate the hurricane insurance. We would’ve gotten, I understand, about $50 million to $100 million. Haiti already got $20 million. Because of the government’s mismanagement and incompetence, The Bahamas is not covered,” he charged.


It was recently revealed that the $900,000 payment that would have gone towards the insurance premium has been included in the hurricane relief fund.


The Opposition leader is also not impressed with that idea.


“Nine hundred thousand dollars per year – over ten years – that’s $9 million. You can’t put $900,000 a year for an entire nation, versus coverage for which you can have millions? I’m sure the average Bahamian wouldn’t agree,” he said.


“Ask the average Bahamian, would you prefer the government to save $900,000 per year in the event you are hit by a hurricane, versus covering you with the disaster coverage? If anything is triggered and you are paid $50 million to $100 million depending on the degree of disaster….you don’t need a high school education to make that decision. I don’t know how they make theirs,” Dr. Minnis said.


He meantime challenged the government to prove otherwise.


“If what I’m saying is incorrect, the government can show the Bahamian people. In the same way there was no coverage for BAMSI, the government has nothing to show. Show the Bahamian people the contract. What kind of representation is this for the Bahamian people,” he asked.










Written by Jones Bahamas

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