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Minister Disappointed Over Disparaging Video

Minister of Tourism, Obie Wilchcombe said although he is disappointed about a video that went viral showing the country in a lackluster light, it served as a wake-up call for Bahamians.

So I think all of us should look at it and every Bahamian should know that we are always on the watch, people are always talking about us but again, let’s ensure that they are saying good things,” he said.

“Yes I was disappointed, but I was made even more aware of the fact that if visitors come and if they don’t see or receive The Bahamas that they have heard so much about, they are likely to send the negative information about our country.”

The video, which went viral across social media platforms, contained more than three minutes of footage that could only be described by some as a “disparaging infomercial,” highlighting aspects of Downtown Nassau as “perfect for that family getaway, if you hate your family.”

In the video, there is scene after scene depicting anything but a tropical paradise including sand littered with cigarette butts and other areas that appear to be decrepit.

The ending credits read, “visit or call 1-800-IDONTFEELSAFE.”

Despite the negative publicity that the video created, Minster Wilchcombe maintained that the video highlights environmental issues that Bahamians ought to be aware of and the importance of keeping surroundings clean, for not locals and visitors alike.

“We are not only welcoming guests, but Bahamians live here,” he said. “We should ensure that we have a clean port and that at all times, we are making sure that when the guests come, he will have something that he will treasure and be able to talk about because the word of mouth is so important.”

“I think it’s in our national anthem that says that the world must mark the manner of our bearing,” he said. “It talks about our ideals and what we do and the things that we should be very concerned about in our country. If we do that, then the world would be talking wonderful and great things about the country.”

Disney Cruise Line said it did not sanction the video, adding that the views depicted in the video do not reflect the views of the company.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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