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Minister asks for community assistance

The Minister of  Social Services, Frankie Campbell says  although some programmes have been discontinued, the Ministry  wants to keep its commitment to assisting the Bahamian people, as well as working more closely with Urban Renewal.

“The ministry is one ministry, it’s the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development,” he said. 

“We  want one side to be fully aware of what the other side is doing,” he added.

“I give you an example, imagine someone goes to the Fox Hill Urban Renewal Centre and expresses the fact that he/she is hungry. If the Urban Renewal Centre is not aware of what social services is offering, that person may be sent away.  

“But  if he is aware, he can say we have no food here at Urban Renewal,  but if you walk just across the park, our social services department is able to offer you some emergency food assistance.

“And so with that kind of collaboration, working together as a team, one unit, I think we’re better able to serve the people that we care about, because in fact they’re the same people.” 

However, Mr. Campbell said the Ministry of Social Services cannot do it alone.

“We continue to look for and reach out to non-governmental organizations who are willing to partner with us.

“Partner with us with projects for at risk boys, projects for empowering young women, projects for protecting and appreciating older persons, projects for addressing the community with disabilities, we’re looking to partner with anyone who’s willing to partner with us,” he continued. 

“And so we invite suggestions, recommendations, we invite persons who want to come and sit down and have a talk. Let’s do this together, let’s engender a spirit of community.” 

Minister Campbell’s comments came as the Senate recognized International Day of the Girl Child on Thursday.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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