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Minister Announces Crime Strategy

With the country nearing 90 murders for the year, Minister of National Security Marvin Dames said effective immediately, a new crime fighting strategy will be implemented.

During a press conference at the Police Headquarters on Saturday evening, the minister said news of an early morning murder prompted him to convene an urgent meeting with Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade and other top officials to review their current crime fighting strategy.

After having done so, it was decided that law enforcement must redouble its efforts beginning with tackling some 200 plus persons on bail for serious offenses.

“At present, there are 268 persons currently being monitored for various offenses. Out of the 28 serious offenses committed there are 70 for homicides,18 for attempted murders, 102 for armed robberies and 59 for firearm offenses,” Mr. Dames said.

“The police have informed me that they have conducted a review of persons on bail who are not in compliance with their bail conditions. Further, they have discovered that more than 50 persons were not in compliance and they have already arrested a number of those persons and subsequently their bail was revoked.”

Not only will efforts be redoubled on this front, but the minister said increased foot and vehicular patrol will begin in the areas its deemed hot spots.

“Police intelligence has also revealed that the murders have occurred in what we call hot spots Pinewood, Kemp Road, BainTown, Yellow Elder and Carmichael Road communities,” he said.

“Police will also be using all of the technology available to them including increased monitoring of CCTV.”

When asked if more manpower and hours would mean more pay, Mr. Dames said not necessarily.

“It could mean any number of things,” he said.

“It’s not a question of creating more hours for police officers it’s a question of managing your resources.”

Mr. Dames also admitted that while a lot of effort has been carried out by all areas of law enforcement and he is thankful, more still needs to be done and the public he said can help as well.

As for those who continue to participate in criminal activity, he also issued a stern warning.

“Moving forward we intend to make your life very uncomfortable. We will use every resource to our disposal to ensure that you are made to account for your wrongdoings,” he said

“This is a promise.”

The country’s murder count now stands at 88.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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