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Miller Says, “Christie Left Good Legacy”

In the face of mounting criticisms of his government’s performance over the past five years, Tall Pines Member of Parliament (MP) Leslie Miller said despite the noise, former Prime Minister Perry Christie leaves behind a good legacy.


“I think he’ll be known for bringing in National Health Insurance which is the best thing that can happen to people in this country, now they have insurance from the cradle to the grave. We must give him full marks for that,” Mr. Miller said.


“He got Baha Mar back on track, and Bahamians are working to assist our economy and the growth and development of our country. That in fact now we’re downgrading, we should go back to better footing financially.”


However, Mr. Miller in a recent interview with The Bahama Journal said the prime minister’s greatest weakness was that he wanted everyone to love him, and that he was unable to make the tough decisions when it came to those around him.


The former Tall Pines MP further charged that the former prime minister has done a lot for the country for the 40 plus years of his tenure in Parliament, but insisted that Christie could have done “a lot better.”


“I think he could have done a lot better for the poor people. He had the opportunity to represent as the prime minister. But in some cases, just like Sir Lynden, he put all his efforts everywhere else in looking at the bigger picture,” Mr. Miller said.


“Mr. Ingraham did the opposite. He took care of Abaco. He made Abaco the third city. He spent millions. He elevated Abaco.”


Mr. Miller also expressed some concerns about Mr. Christie’s health after the crushing defeat.


“He’s a decent guy and I love him. I am just now concerned about how he is going to ride through this storm that he’s facing now at this age of 73, and he can’t come back,” Mr. Miller charged.


“When you reflect on the type person he was and still is, the love he has in his heart for the average Bahamian, he was the most approachable prime minister next to Sir Lynden. He treated everyone with respect. I don’t think anyone would think ill of him. People still have heated heads right now so they’ll say all kinds of foolishness. That’s just human nature. Emotions are still at the top,” he said.


“In another month or two when people reflect, they will still give Mr. Christie high marks.”


Written by Jones Bahamas

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