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McCartney Sympathises With Murdered Victims’ Families

Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader, Branville McCartney said he does not understand some of the comments being made in the public about his brother’s murder case receiving “special treatment.”

Kurt McCartney, who was shot in the head on Thursday in the Gambier Village area, is the younger brother of the DNA leader.

Kurt’s killer remains on the loose, but police have already taken several people into custody for questioning.

Last night, Police Superintendent Stephen Dean told the Bahama Journal that one female was still being questioned for the murder.

Days after his murder police were still making appeals to the public for help in this case.

“Every murder in this country is unfortunate,” Mr. McCartney told the Bahama Journal yesterday.

“I’ve spoken about that for many years. I don’t why people think the police are treating us differently. Even when someone is killed that I don’t know I have discussions with the police about doing what is necessary to get the culprits. I don’t know why people are saying these things.”

Mr. McCartney said some of the comments that he has heard are “disheartening.”

“I don’t know if it’s because of the reward that was offered,” he said.

“People are calling in and speaking to the police regarding the incident and if I could I would give a reward for the capture of everyone who has ever killed anyone in this country believe me when I tell you that. My brother was very special to me and my family. I sympathise with other families and will always. I want to see our country be a safe place.”

On Tuesday, several members of the public spoke out.

Arlington Rolle, 36, said the police are out of order for offering the reward.

“It seems they’re getting personal. Their job is to investigate and bring the culprit to justice. How did they get that deep to offer the police money when in situations like that the family is supposed to offer a reward for information and the police is supposed to push it,” Mr. Rolle said.

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