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McCartney Hits Back At Gibson

Leader of the Democratic National Alliance Branville McCartney said that if being a politician means acting as the current politicians do, he would rather not be a politician.


Labour Minister Shane Gibson on Wednesday called Mr. McCartney “a wannabe politician” to which the DNA leader listed off scandals that Mr. Gibson was involved in.


Mr. Gibson said that he is “non-factor”, and stated that he does not listen to him nor is he interested in listening to him.


“I don’t want to be the kind of politician that we have today. So in that regard, he must be right,” Mr. McCartney said.


“I don’t want to be the kind of politician who had to resign over scandalous information that came to the public back in 2007 regarding Anna Nicole Smith and the receipt of $10,000 and a $25,000 watch that allegedly was given to the good slick Shane to further enhance the permanent residency status.


“Not only did that bring scandal to the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government but it brought scandal to The Bahamas.”


Mr. McCartney added that he wants to be the politician that can elevate The Bahamas to higher heights. He also said that he would like to see a different kind of governance.


“I heard the good Minister Gibson say they have been a party for 50 years. Well, 35 of those 50 years they would’ve governed this country and look where we are. They should be ashamed to say that,” he said.


“I find it amazing coming from the PLP and the PLP ministers they have all the talk in the world and they have the audacity to say things but they are not in the position to say it. This does not only apply to slick Shane, this applies to so many of the other ministers and chairpersons of that party coming out talking and they seem to forget who they really are. “


Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis this week, referred to Mr. McCartney as “bombastic”.


Mr. McCartney said that if being arrogant is what they are referring to him as then he’d rather be called that than “corrupt and lazy.”


Dr. Minnis yesterday also suggested that there might be a coalition between the two parties in an effort to remove the PLP from power.


Mr. McCartney said that if there were to hypothetically be a coalition performed between the two, it would be were the two parties come together as one.


“The idea would be, I would assume, where we don’t run against each other in particular seats and we support each other in the seats that the perspective parties are running in,” he said.









Written by Jones Bahamas

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