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McCartney Encourages Voter Registration

With voter registration still low, Opposition Senate and Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader Branville McCartney is making a strong call on Bahamians to go out and register to vote for the upcoming 2017 General Elections.

Addressing the media at a press conference yesterday, Mr. McCartney stressed the importance of voting, noting that a vote is a voice.

“I encourage all persons who have not already done so, to register now, your vote is your voice, do not be silent,” Mr. McCartney said.

Mr. McCartney also noted that Bahamians should not look to be bought for votes but must look to receive the gift of prosperity, opportunity, and empowerment.

Weighing in on the last four years of the Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) governance, Mr. McCartney also spoke to the economy of the country, noting the dreams once held by the founding fathers as being destroyed and lackluster.

“Over the past 25 years, the dream once held by our founding fathers has been tarnished. Our once vibrant economy has seen steady decline, while unemployment figures, the national debt, the country’s tax burden and the crime rate have all exploded exponentially.

“If we continue to be downgraded as we have been four times in the past four years, we run a greater risk of our dollar becoming devalued,” Mr. McCartney said.

Mr. McCartney also noted his strong belief in democracy and the right of citizens to choose those that they feel are capable to lead.

“At the heart of the world’s strongest democracies has long been the belief that the electorate has the right to choose from among themselves, a group of capable men and women to lead.

“I often say, that the power of the people is greater than the people in power. In the 50 years since the achievement of Majority Rule and some 55 years since the Women’s Suffrage Movement however, Bahamians across the country are seemingly more disconnected from our democracy than they have ever been,” he said.

Mr. McCartney stated that the passion that Bahamian voters once felt has been replaced with lack of interest with a belief that their votes do not make a difference.

He also noted that although there may be flaws in Bahamian politics, Bahamians should know all the rights afforded to them as citizens, and the importance of the right to vote.

“I encourage my fellow Bahamians not to turn their backs on the political process, but to view every opportunity to vote as more than just a right, but an opportunity to honor the sacrifice of our fore-bearers, and play an active role in securing a better way of life for all Bahamians.

“Voting is more than just your constitutional right it is also your responsibility,” Mr. McCartney said.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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