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Marco’s Mom Breaks Down In Court


Seeing the clothes her son had on the last time she saw him alive caused Tryphemia Meadows to break down in floods of tears Wednesday.

Trembling and grieving, Ms. Meadows recounted the final moments of her conversation with 11-year-old Marco Archer on September 23, 2011.

Khofe Goodman, also known as Edwardo Ferguson, is on trial for Archer’s murder.

Ms. Meadows told the court that her son had gotten home at 4:00 p.m., noting that he had been experiencing tummy trouble brought on by something he said he ate at school.

She said after he used the bathroom to relieve himself she sent him to the Milo Butler store to buy a can of bug spray.

He returned, she said, and later used leftover change to go out once again to another store, this one opposite her home.

The witness said as her son was about to leave the house she told him to hurry back because it was going to rain.

She noted that it started pouring minutes after he left. The grieving mother said she had always cautioned her son not to come home in the rain because he always caught the cold. So she figured once she hadn’t seen him, it was because he was waiting for the rain to end.

She said after the rain subsided she walked to the front of her yard towards the shop and called out Marco’s name.

After getting no response she grew increasingly worried and started inquiring around the neighbourhood for her son.

Lead prosecutor Garvin Gaskin asked Ms. Meadows if she ever authorised Kohfe Edwardo Ferguson Goodman to accompany Marco anywhere. She replied, “no.”

He then asked her if she ever authorised Goodman to take her son anywhere. With tears welling up in her eyes, she again said, “no.”

She then told the court that she didn’t know anyone by that name.

Mr. Gaskin asked the distraught mother if she ever authorised anyone to touch Marco. With a shocked expression on her face Ms. Meadows again replied, “no.”

Asked if she knew anyone in the Yorkshire Street, Cable Beach area, she replied, “no.”

During her testimony, Ms. Meadows told the court that she was 40-years-old when she gave birth to Marco and said he was not only her son, but her friend.

She said she took him with her wherever she went.

Mr. Gaskin then asked the witness if she had ever seen Marco interact with adults. She told the court, “no.”

“I don’t let him hang out with adults. I always tell him things happen [and] I don’t want you all about. When I send you someplace come back,” she said.

Ms. Meadows agreed with Mr. Gaskin that her son always followed her commands.

An Emotional Breakdown

The witness told the court that her son was last seen in a gray Bob Marley shirt, khaki pants, plaid boxers and Nike slippers – the very same items that have been used as evidence in the trial.

Mr. Gaskin then had each item exhibited in the court.

One by one each item was placed before Ms. Meadows for identification.

She gave each package rapid fire glances as they were being opened and quickly broke down as she confirmed that they were indeed her son’s clothing.

In between sobs she identified each item, starting with the gray shirt.

As she held up the pants she noted that they were indeed Marco’s, but said they weren’t dirty when he had it on.

With regards to the plaid boxers, she confirmed they were his, but said they were not torn when he had them on.

The witness kept looking up at the court’s ceiling and chanting “Jesus, Jesus” as she was shown the items.

When it came time to identify the slippers, she again noted that they were Marco’s, but said they weren’t dirty when he left home.

Earlier in her testimony she had noted that she had already cleaned Marco’s slippers before he put them on.

Ms. Meadows wasn’t the only one getting emotional, her three daughters, including Tancia Humes, who testified Tuesday, were noticeably overcome with grief and could be heard crying and calling Jesus’ name.

Throughout the witness’ testimony, Goodman remained stoic.

The defendant’s attorney, Geoffrey Farquharson began his cross examination, but court was adjourned shortly afterwards.

Supreme Court Justice Bernard Turner is presiding over the trial.

The trial resumes at 10:00 a.m. today.

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