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Law Enforcers Trained In Nuclear Detection

International Experts on combating nuclear terrorism, via INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization) are in The Bahamas conducting a workshop on Counter Nuclear Smuggling. They  will train thirty-three participants from National Security Agencies of both the public and private sectors on how to detect and intercept smuggling of radiological and nuclear materials. 

Acting Commissioner of Police, Emerick Seymour   during the opening ceremony of the workshop told participants that because of the position of The Bahamas, the workshop is timely as it would assist in sensitizing law enforcers to possibility of  terroristic threats.

“I submit to you no country is safe or exempted from the ravages of terrorism in any capacity, no country;  not with-standing the archipelagic nature of our country with its porous borders, you know we are wide open to every and any possibility.

“We are still grateful and thankful for the peace and safety we’ve come to enjoy. 

“Many  countries around the world cannot boast this, are not as fortunate and therefore as trends in terrorism become more intricate and technical,  it behooves each country to take strategic preventative and corrective measures to remain several steps ahead of terroristic advances. 

“This counter nuclear smuggling workshop will allow us in the Bahamas to do just that. Remember acts of terrorism and elements of criminality knows no boundary,” ACP Seymour said.  

ACP Seymour added that the training exercise, for members of security agencies, is extremely important to fighting crime. 

“You  are  talking about terrorism and of course the nuclear weapons all of that is elements of criminality. Our 700 islands are so porous, our borders so wide open and so, I think it is a timely exercise that is been happening here in The Bahamas for the next three days.

“We have assembled all of national security stakeholders private and public sector to really sensitize them of the possibility of the threat. 

“And so, once that threat is imminent, once that threat reaches our door steps, we will have our mechanism in place to defectively deal with it, so it’s critically important for all of us to be aware and of course to take the necessary steps once we are sure that a threat is emanant,” ACP Seymour said. 

Radek Hlavacka, Specialized Officer in the Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism Prevention Unit of the CBRNE Sub-Directorate, said the aim of the workshop is to prevent radioactive materials from getting into the wrong hands. 

“We all know that there are large quantities of radioactive materials around us in normal life. There are radioactive materials in medical areas, in science areas, in construction and many other areas in our normal life and it is challenging for each of us, for every country in the world to effectively protect this material against situations where this material fall into wrong hands.


“Nuclear security is a global problem.  There is no one country that would be able to solve or resolve the problem of nuclear security itself. 

“The protection and security of radioactive sources and efforts in combating illicit trafficking of radioactive material is always an international effort that all countries need to cooperate, contribute to in order to make it more effective,” Mr. Hlavacka said.

He added that with that, some materials are weak and pose no threat to life or the environment. However, there are others to be aware of.  

“There are large quantities of this material that should be of significant security attention;  strong sources that can be more or less easily misused for malicious purposes. 

“Entering nuclear security and combating illicit illegal trade of radioactive material is one of the obligations of all countries in the world and INTERPOL through its Counter Terrorism Directorate, CBRNE Sub-Directorate and the Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism Prevention Unit, a member, is here to help the Interpol member states, to help you, your country, as well, in strengthening [and] in supporting you in entering nuclear security,” Mr. Hlavacka said. 


Written by Jones Bahamas

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