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LANDMARK CITIZENSHIP SAGA AG: Jean Charles Case To Impact Future Laws

Attorney General Carl Bethel has revealed that the outcome of the Jean Rony Jean Charles citizenship saga will ultimately impact future legislation.

Mr. Bethel spoke with reporters on the steps of The Supreme Court after Justice Gregory Hilton ruled that Jean Charles should be released from custody pending the full hearing of the government’s stay application.

“Look at the facts of the situation. Mr. Rony is 35 years old. Our constitution only provides an entitlement or right for persons when they reach 18.

“We are in a position that is uncovered by the constitution or the law of The Bahamas. So the decision in this matter will have ramifications. It will be an important decision by the Court of Appeal and it will also more importantly guide the legislature in terms of any changes that may be needed to clarify the law of what happens to persons who remain in The Bahamas after their constitution entitlement ends; without having made an application pursuant to to the constitution,” Mr. Bethel said.

As for yesterday’s proceedings, Mr. Bethel said the case had yet to be heard before the Court of Appeal; so the outcome was not that big of a thorn in the side of the government.

“The question for his removal from The Bahamas is currently before the Court of Appeal; so we don’t feel the need to try and re-litigate that issue here on an application for a stay.

“Mr. Smith made his move and brought him in time. How he did it will be dealt with later; but I think it is more important to make another point, The Bahamas is ruled by the rule of law.

“The Bahamas is ruled by its constitution. Everybody within the bounds of our country must obey the laws and our constitution.

“I would urge that persons that may be emotional on either side of this issue to respect the court process that we are now engaged in, because that process is the process that protects all of us.

“The substantive issues in this matter is whether he was lawfully detained in the first place; whether he was lawfully placed in the detention center and whether he was lawfully from the Bahamas.

“ These will be fully ventilated in the court. The issues that excite people’s minds have yet to be heard by the highest court in The Bahamas.

The hearing is set to continue on Thursday at 10am.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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