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Labour Strike Still Looms

A massive labour strike is on the horizon as Trade Union Congress (TUC) Officials on Tuesday announced that all efforts to consult the government have been exhausted, therefore a the shutdown of the country could happen soon.

TUC Director of Communications Fred Munnings said that a meeting will be held this week with all the major unions and once held, the country will be informed as to their next move.

“We are sick and tired as we’re telling you now, don’t worry about when the three days will be, they coming and they coming sooner than later, we represent people, the lives of children and families, people who have mortgages to pay, people who have to send their children to school, people who have to buy food for their families, people are playing with their lives when you have to wait for five years to sit down and talk sense,” he said.

On May 6, TUC officials rallied their troops to bring workers up to speed on issues affecting the labour force and put them on alert for a possible strike.

During that time TUC President Obie Ferguson promised to have unions bring the country to a standstill this month if the government refused to adhere to their cries.

Labour Minister Shane Gibson met with the TUC on Friday however, Mr. Munnings said the meeting yielded no results.

“What we were told is that they have reached the end of the road in their conciliation, well if they is nothing that they can do, we can do something, we have called on the Ministry of Labour , we have called on the Director of Labour numerous times, their position is, ‘We’re simply conciliators, we can’t force anyone,’ but you (government) have powers to demand.

“We’re not asking anymore, we’re demanding it because it’s constitutional, they’re obligated to do it and if the Ministry of Labour can’t cause them (employers) to come to the table we will do what we got to do.”

The TUC is also requesting for amendments be made to the Employment Act, to address issues such as redundancy pay, gratuity, working hours and commission for union members.

More than 24 union organisations on are reportedly on board with the TUC’s demands.

There are pending industrial agreements for The Bahamas Nurses Union, Bahamas Doctors Union, Bahamas Educators Managerial Union, Bahamas Hotel Catering and Allied Workers Union, Bahamas Customs and Immigration and Allied Workers Union, Commonwealth Hotel Services and Workers Union, Bahamas Water and Sewage Management Union, Electric Utility Management Union, Bahamas Air Traffic Controllers, and The Bahamas Hotel Managerial Association.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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