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A new strain of the flu virus in the air in the Bahamas  is deadly and   the  Minister of Health is  warning persons to take the vaccinations seriously.

The H3N2 flu strain is thought to be the worst of its kind in years, claiming victims in Australia and Ireland and leading to a surge of infections in the United Kingdom.

Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands is strongly urging Bahamians to take the necessary precautions.

“This is nothing to play with. There are 10,000 doses of the flu vaccine available in the public sector and we have the ability to get more. There are other doses in the private sector,” Dr. Sands said.

He added that listening to gossip and superstition from persons about the vaccine is dangerous.

“You could decide whether you will listen to that someone who don’t know nothing about what they talking about and when you get very, very ill and in the intensive care unit;  ‘oh I didn’t know, I’m sorry’. Don’t listen to all this nonsense,  because a lot of it is nonsense,” Dr. Sands said.

He added that they take time and care when giving precautions.

“Nobody is interested in making recommendations,  unless it makes sense for the good of the Bahamian public, take it seriously,” Dr. Sands said.

He also gave suggestions on who ought to get the flu shot annually.

“Older people, people with underlying medical problems like diabetes, kidney failure or people with cancer; depressed immune system as well as younger people and health care professionals; if you don’t take it you’re rolling the dice,” Dr. Sands said.

The Aussie flu – as it’s commonly referred to – can lead to pneumonia and other potentially fatal complications.

It is recommended that to reduce the risk of spreading the flu persons are advised to wash their hands often with warm water and soap.  Use tissues to trap germs when they cough or sneeze and throw away used tissues as quickly as possible.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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