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Key Invited To Join PLP

Edison Key Caption

Amidst debate that Central and South Abaco MP Edison Key is not following Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis, Mr. Key was offered an invitation by Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) MP Obie Wilchcombe to “come on over”.

During yesterday’s House sitting, which saw Mr. Key sitting for only a few minutes, the West End and Bimini MP told the FNM MP that he has been gone from the PLP for far too long.

“I’m so very annoyed that FNMs would accuse him or make statements about him in such negative language,” he said.
“The member for South Abaco should know that there’s always a place in the PLP for him and that if he wants to come home, maybe it’s time for him to do that. You’ve been out too long.”

Mr. Key was a member of the PLP during Mr. Christie’s previous administration, but joined the FNM for the Ingraham administration.

He was the only FNM MP that remained seated when the rest of his fellow FNM parliamentarians left the House last week.
Yesterday Montagu MP Richard Lightbourn told the Bahama Journal that the PLP is only using Mr. Key as a part of a political game they’ve been playing.

“The government has offered Mr. Key a consultancy position, which they spoke about two or three months now,” he said.
“The prime minister has confirmed that and here we are a few months later and they haven’t proceeded with it. So it just seems to me like they’re offering it to him as an incentive to join. To me it’s appalling that they would take this long to deal with the matter and then entice him to join them, simply by offering him a consultancy position.”

During the House session, Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell lashed out at Dr. Minnis as well as former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham.

He said Mr. Ingraham’s era is over and he needs to realise that.

“I wish the many-headed dragon would crawl back under his rock. That’s what I wish he would do,” he said.
“Crawl back under the rock and disappear for good.”

“The issue is to try and make sure that the base knows that Ingraham’s era is passed and that the member for Long Island doesn’t have a chance. So in that process, the whole country now has to suffer because he is trying to demonstrate that he’s in charge.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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