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Keod Smith: Stands Firm For St. Barnabas

Attoney Keod Smith has made it clear that he intends to be the PLP candidate for St. Barnabas.

“I do not accept that the secret backroom deals leading to the appointment of certain PLP Candidates for the 2017 General Elections, is keeping with the true ideals of my PLP, he said yesterday in a press conference, flanked by supporters in “Keod Smith for St. Barnabas” paraphernalia.
Noting the true essence of democracy was seen 50 years ago, with the Majority Rule movement, Mr. Smith stated that former party leader and prime minister Sir Lynden Pindling instilled that the majority should always get the upper hand.
“Sir Lynden Pindling, the father of our Nation and the personification of the PLP, instilled in those of us who appreciate his wisdom and vision, that political power must always be seen as being in the hands of the majority. That is the true essence and evidence of democracy,” Mr. Smith said.
Mr. Smith further noted that as a result of attempts to politically assassinate him because of his desire to represent his people he will stand firm, despite the actions of his detractors.
“My detractors had so speedily moved from political speculation to political mischief to attempts of political and professional assassination of me simply because I dared to want to represent my people.
“They almost got the better part of me, for I thought I had to stop everything and focus my attention on fighting all and sundry who had let their greed and lust for power fool them into thinking that they could shut me up.
“One of my supporters out of the Rockcrusher community of St. Barnabas Constituency reminded me that it was my duty, which doubles up as inspiration to others in this time of political turmoil for the PLP, that requires me to stand firm despite the action of my detractors in very high places,” Mr. Smith said.
Then likening himself to the saint, St. Barnabas, of one tortured and stoned to death because of jealousy, and despite naysayers, Mr. Smith noted that representing the people of the new St. Barnabas constituency is something he wishes to do, being born, and bred in the area.
“What I am now experiencing is not unlike what actually happened to St. Barnabas himself, nearly 2,000 years ago. He was brutally tortured and stoned to death by those who were simply jealous of his success in being able to bring gentiles into the Christian church.
“I was born in Wilson Tract, Englerston, just outside the boundaries of this constituency, spent my formative years as a resident growing up in the center of the Grove on Poincianna Avenue between 5th and 6th Streets in the shadow of Cynthia “Mother” Pratt.
“All of these things compel me to stand firmly and openly connected to the people of this area as a positive product- one of their own- returning to them in service,” Mr. Smith said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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