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Increased Subvention for Junkanoo

Junkanoo groups can expect an increase in their subvention this year, according to Prime Minister Perry Christie.

The prime minister made this announcement on Saturday during the Junkanoo Corporation of New Providence awards banquet at Club Luna.

During an interview with The Bahama Journal yesterday, Christie didn’t reveal how much the increased subvention would be, but he indicated that the increase is a part of his goal to improve Junkanoo.

The government invested $9 million in Junkanoo Carnival, but according to the prime minister that investment is different from Junkanoo.

He explained that Junkanoo groups are financially challenged, even though some group have sponsors, and he would like to ease some of the challenges faced by the groups, in categories A and B.

Christie said he met with the Ministry of Finance in this regard and he told the Minister of State for this ministry Michael Halkitis to review the Junkanoo subvention, which will increase the amount of seed money given.

The prime minister, who is also the minister of finance, expressed that the financing of Junkanoo groups must be reviewed because some groups are “suffering terribly” and they are unable to raise money, therefore the government must help.

Christie said he also met with JCNP chairman Silbert Ferguson concerning this improvement and after making critical observations about the Boxing Day Junkanoo Parade, a committee was appointed to examine the parade’s critique’s as it relates to the suggested improvements.

“We have to make the Junkanoo parade much more enjoyable for spectators and for the participants because it is very boring to see large numbers of people dancing way in front of the music to no music at all,” the prime minister said.

He added that Junkanoo needs new innovation and an avenue must be sought to bring increased technology to the parade.

For example, Christie pointed out that more microphones should be added to the Junkanoo route so that the music is projected to allow people leading the groups to hear the sound.

He pointed out that Junkanoo groups could pre record their music, which would be play upfront where group members are normally dancing without music.

However, Christie said he wants the government to be a part of making major improvements Junkanoo, not just to the parade, but to the ability of the groups to participate.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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