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Homeowners Given Ultimatum

Arawak Homes President Franon Wilson on Wednesday issued an ultimatum to home owners in the Pinewood Gardens phase two area whose land titles are still not regularised to come forward and admit it and then rectify it, or face legal action.

At a press conference held Wednesday, Mr. Wilson announced that over the next 12 months the company plans to work with those who do step up, to assure that they do not incur any unnecessary inconvenience.

“Arawak Homes today has been working with a good number of people to help rectify their titles in this area,” he said.

“When you drive along the Charles Saunders Highway the overwhelming majority of that property belongs to Arawak Homes and some of those people that live there didn’t purchase property from Arawak Homes so that property still belongs to Arawak Homes.

“They cannot pass these homes onto their children; you can do that with something that doesn’t belong to you.”

These actions being taken all follow a recent case involving Dennis and Barbara Dean versus Arawak Homes that was tried before the Privy Council on May 8.

The Dean’s advanced 21 grounds of appeal, but the London-based high court dismissed all of them.

It was ruled then that Arawak Homes had superior documents to titled land in the areas known as Pinewood Gardens and Sir Lynden Pindling Estates.

General Counsel Tavara Laroda said they have issued appeals to the public on numerous occasions, but noted that many people squatting on their land still refuse to resolve the issue.

Making matters worse, Mr. Wilson said, is that fact that many homeowners cannot be blamed, but their lawyers ought to bare the brunt of the fault, but they will not take responsibility for thier mistakes.

“There are people who went back to their lawyer who when the got a mortgage the lawyer gave opinion to the bank that this property is good,” he said.

“We’ve had attorneys come in and say, ‘You know what, upon further review I made a mistake.’”

When asked if any steps are being taken to ensure this sort of thing does not happen in the future, Mr. Laroda said Arawak Homes did not willingly enter into this situation.

“Arawak Homes is not a willing a participant to this we are essentially victims to persons using law to fraudulently procure certificate titles,” he added.

“Not withstanding our efforts, however, people continued to sell the land, we got injunctions they continued to sell and we got judgment they continued to sell.”

Arawak Homes officials said they hope to rectify this issue soon.

Mr. LaRoda added that the first case of this kind dates as far back as 1985.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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