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Henfield Hit Back At Roberts

After Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts’ refusal to unite with the ‘We March’ on Majority Rule Day, the group’s lead organizer Ranard Henfield said Mr. Roberts’ response indicates that the PLP wants to maintain the status quo, and continue with petty party politics.

According to Mr. Henfield, he recently drafted a letter requesting that the PLP Chairman and his supporters join the ‘We March’ on the historic day, instead of continuing to pursue two separate marches.

However, apart from Mr. Roberts claiming that he has not received such a letter from Mr. Henfield, he has said that the governing party “cannot join a programme of wearing black and whose goals and objectives continue to drift”.

The PLP National Chairman has called a march for Majority Rule Day, in which an invitation has been extended to all Bahamians void of political colors.

Meantime, Mr. Henfield in an interview with The Bahama Journal yesterday said Mr. Roberts and the PLP are really not about unity.

“This is what I expected from day one; and Bradley Roberts would confirm that the PLP wants to maintain the status quo. The PLP doesn’t believe in unifying, and love, and all of us moving towards a common loftier goal, that he wants to vision, that the people wants to vision. They want to divide and conquer,” Mr. Henfield said.

“They want to ‘dumb’ down our country and just go on and on every single day just playing petty politics. Sometimes I wonder if Bradley Roberts is aware that Hubert Minnis the leader of the Free National Movement, Loretta Butler, Leader of the Opposition Business in the House of Assembly, Gregg Moss, and Branville McCartney, these are people who are running for office. I’m not running for any office,” said Mr. Henfield.

“The only thing I’m looking forward to being is the person that stands up to any administration in power on behalf of the people and say listen. You’re not going down the path the people want to go down. Stop,” he said.

“So in response to Bradley Roberts’ rejection I expected that response from day one. The letter was drafted deliberately for Bradley Roberts and for the PLP to step forward and show this country that they don’t want unification; that they want to go about what they’ve always gone about in this country – the petty politics, divide and conquer, insult people, insult anybody that stands up for the people and insult the people of The Bahamas that want a better Bahamas.”

We March organisers have said the movement was inspired by the shared desire of a people to be free of petty politics, political mischief and bad governance amongst other things.

The group will lead a march on January 10th beginning at 10:00 a.m. from Clifford Park to Pompey Square where Mr. Henfield said the group’s Five Pillars of Progress will be discussed.

The PLP has meantime scheduled a press conference for Thursday to outline plans for the 50th anniversary of Majority Rule.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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