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Harried Entrepreneurs Offered Online Accounting Tool– Logistikor launches new software

Few small businesses can afford the time and cost of electronic accounting records. That is, until now.

With the introduction of value-added tax and its filing requirements forever altering the business landscape, Quincy Rolle, founder of, has created an affordable, easy to use VAT invoicing and accounting software system with tools customized specifically for local businesses.

“It is imperative that businesses keep accurate electronic accounting records to properly facilitate their VAT filing process. The current record keeping process in many businesses is less than desirable and needs an upgrade,” says Mr. Rolle, who possesses over 10 years of experience in web and online applications development.

“It is our goal to help small and medium sized businesses modernize their business process in a new VAT regime.”

Recognizing that existing software were either too expensive or too complicated for small business owners, Mr. Rolle noted there’s simply not enough hours in the day for the average business owner to learn the ins and outs of a complex accounting software while simultaneously running a competitive enterprise.

“A company’s financial record keeping process must be 21st century. The invoice is one of the most important documents in the business process. We simply believe the way we handle these invoices should reflect the efficiencies of the century we’re in,” Mr. Rolle explained.

“We designed our software to be really user friendly, allowing business owners to create and send VAT invoices quickly from any internet enabled device like a computer or smart phone. In addition to easy invoice generation, Logistikor allows businesses to automatically calculate their input tax, output tax, and VAT owed with the click of a button.”

The newly launched also offers free and low priced packages starting at $19.99 per month.

“Our pricing structure is designed for businesses to take advantage of the software,” said Mr. Rolle, a graduate of the New England Institute of Technology, who also studied international business at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

“We’re confident once they see the value, they will continue to use it and upgrade when their business requires it.”

Mr. Rolle admitted traditional accounting software may be beneficial for larger enterprises employing full-time accountants to handle various financial complexities. The same software, however, tends to be “features overkill” and “uneconomical” for small and medium-size businesses, he said.

“The average business owner finds software like QuickBooks to be too complicated because it was designed by accountants, for accountants, not for business owners on the go,” said Mr. Rolle, who for the last five years has owned and operated Web Solutions Bahamas, a firm specializing in design, development and maintenance of websites.

“Logistikor’s goal is to equip new start-ups and existing business owners with simple invoicing and accounting tools designed specifically for them to perform in a local and globalized environment.”

An expert in software design, Mr. Rolle worked for three years as a web and application integration coordinator for the 15th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida where he designed and implemented the court’s web portal, among other duties.

He also served as project manager and lead website designer/developer for Trump International Women’s Golf Championship.

Mr. Rolle’s past and present client roster includes local and US-based businesses among different industries.

“Through Logistikor we made a sophisticated piece of software, but we made it simple enough for the average business owner to use,” he said.

“Whether a business is VAT registered or not, entrepreneurs need accounting software that’s easy to use, affordable, accessible from virtually anywhere, and gives them up-to-date accurate financials for better decision-making. Logistikor does all that and more.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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