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Harbour Clean Up Well Underway


image1The Bahamas Marine Engineering and Management Company without any assistance from the government have decided to clean up Nassau Harbors from Montague Beach to Arawak Cay all in an effort to aid tourism and positively affect the country’s environment.

Some 68,000 people visited the Islands of The Bahamas aboard private vessels registered to the United States back in 2005, 12,000 more than the previous year.

This number is most likely much greater now.

According to BMEM owner Marlin Johnson, the pristine waters and welcoming harbours to tourists and boaters alike however are beleaguered with derelict vessels, empty conch shells, garbage and other debris.

Mr. Johnson said he and his company have approached the government on numerous occasions but to no avail.

“We petitioned the government at some time to consider granting the contract in reference to this clean up but I do not think they are ready at this time to have that contract executed,” he said.

“In the meantime we decide to start eth cleanup even if we don’t get the contract. We will just go ahead and continue the cleanup every Saturday and Sunday and once we have the funds available we’ll continue the clean up until it’s finished.”

The company is so dedicated to the cause that its owner stated he does not care how long it take be it weeks or months they will get it done.

Mr. Johnson also noted that a foreign company had actually began the clean up but never completed it.

It is the importance of tourism however that has driven this project for his company.

“All these yachts that pass through this harbor on a daily basis take pictures of all these sunken boats. Knowing that tourism is our number one industry so we are going to try to do our best to assist the government,” Mr Johnson said.

He commended the government though on the work that is currently underway concerning the refurbishment of Potter’s Cay Dock.

The Journal was unable to contact Kenred Dorsett in order to make a comment on the current state of some of the country’s harbors.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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