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“Ground Swell Of Discontent Evident,” Says Roberts

Progressive Liberal Party Chairman Bradley Roberts lashing out at the current administration for what he says is a clear build up of frustrations from the Bahamian public.


In an address to a Prayer Breakfast meeting of the PLP yesterday Mr. Roberts said there is “ a ground swell of discontent” in the country as the governing Free National Movement has done little to improve the country since coming into power.


“It has been five months and thirteen days since the FNM assumed the reins of government of this country and the ground swell of discontent is already evident. Crime and unemployment have increased and the consensus is that the FNM has no plan for this country. Grand Bahama’s economy is in a wheel chair will all tires flat.

“Their rather thin legislative agenda has resulted in less rights for Bahamians and a consolidation of power in the hands of a few politicians and the consolidation of wealth in the hands of a few rich families and party donors. This cannot be right as we are clearly moving in wrong direction as a country and it is the responsibility of the Progressive Liberal Party to be the moral conscience of this country,” Mr. Roberts said.

Mr. Roberts further urges members of his party to come out of their three-day convention revitalized and stronger than ever.

He told PLP Convention delegates, “as you campaign for and debate the merits of the various candidates of your choice, I beseech you to do so in a spirit of mutual respect. Please be tolerant of opposing views and voices of dissent as these expressions are part and parcel of the democratic process and fully protected by the party’s constitution.


“We must make this case to the Bahamian people with alternative informed public policy proposals that appeal to the most basic sensibilities of the Bahamian people – those of respect, inclusion, fairness and empowerment.

“As we seek divine guidance from Almighty God and thank Him for all of His many blessings, let us ask His divine intervention in our vigorous debates and deliberations, our robust exchange of ideas and our innovative policy proposals during the course of this convention all for the betterment of our fair Commonwealth and improved quality of life for our people.

“When we emerge from this convention fellow delegates, I am confident that we will be stronger and more united as a body politic, re-energized for the singular task ahead which is to return the great Progressive Liberal Party to the governance of this country as we fight for the soul of this great Commonwealth,” Mr. Roberts said.






Written by Jones Bahamas

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